iOnline is a leading mobile app development company in Dubai that provides Android & iPhone mobile app development services to companies ranging from start-ups to big scale businesses.

Android & iPhone Mobile App Development Company Dubai

Best Mobile App Development Company Dubai

iOnline, a leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai and UAE, possesses extensive experience in mobile app development in IOS, Android, native and html5 cross-platform apps.

Our company has developed many apps for clients in the UAE, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Bahrain, Kuwait, and more. We can help you to select the right technology for your mobile app projects.

We have a highly-skilled team of mobile application developers in Dubai who have been working hand in hand for the last few years to develop good quality mobile applications for clients across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other cities in the UAE. 

Types of Mobile App We develop

eCommerce apps are a popular solution that can boost the growth of your eCommerce store

Business apps allow companies to easily interact with their customers. Our app development can optimize your business processes.

Utility apps are crucial in driving personal and business productivity.


Social media apps are fun and contribute greatly to strengthen users’ connection. You can gain huge success in social media apps with the help of a competent mobile app developer team.

These apps have become popular in Dubai in recent years. Lifestyle apps developed by a reputed mobile app development company can provide users with great usability.

People now want to get aware of what’s happening around the world. News apps are less complex and you can easily build one by employing a mobile app development company in Dubai.

Our Process


At first, we consult with our clients to understand their requirements and determine the complexity level of the app development process. Then, we analyze the market to find out the industry standard. Our mobile app developers in Dubai have a dedicated team to conduct this market research.


At this phase, we create the Admin Panel, then proceed with the core mobile app development process. We start with the Android platform because Android apps are easy to build, test, and deploy. Our experienced mobile app developers in Dubai emphasize QA and performance testing to ensure the functionality of the app.


After we come to a clear understanding of clients’ needs, we proceed to design the wireframe. Brainstorming, mind mapping, concept testing, and strategy development are the tasks we do before delving into the core development process. Our expert developers do the legwork to come up with the best mobile app development frameworks for you.


At this stage, our team performs functionality testing, usability testing, performance testing, and device testing. We conduct meticulous testing to ensure the quality of the app from every aspect of the standard app development process. This is how we’ve become a top-rated mobile app development company in Dubai.


Once we’re done with wireframing, we submit the design to the concerned person for approval. We use the Invision app to present our design to clients and they can suggest necessary changes if needed. Our mobile application development team takes their comments into consideration and moves to further development steps.


Once the app passes quality assurance testing, we finalize the APK and IPA files and submit it to the Play Store and App Store respectively. Then we finish backend deployment for both Android and iOS platforms. Our experienced and dedicated mobile app developers in Dubai support our clients when they need to release updates and fix development issues.

Android App Development Dubai

Android is the most prominent open source platform in mobile technology. Our dedicated and skilled Android app development team wields expertise in constructing custom applications in Android technology. It’s not an easy task to pick the best mobile app development company in Dubai. There are various factors you should keep in your mind wisely while picking the best mobile app development company in Dubai. At Royex, our expert Android app development Dubai team ensures your company receives the best Android mobile app design and development solutions that fit your needs. We’ll ensure your app performs efficiently in all versions of the Android application platform.

iPhone App Development Dubai

When Apple introduced the iPhone, they changed the way we use mobile devices. In recent years, iOS app development has taken a giant leap in Dubai. We at ionline have a complete understanding of iPhone app development and can create apps that reach your targeted customers.

We are a leading provider of iPhone and iPad apps. Our iPhone app developers build new and better mobile apps designed to attract new customers and increase revenue

Flutter App Development Dubai

Flutter is shaping the future of mobile application development by offering a free and open-source framework. Google developed this mobile UI, enabling mobile app developers to build native mobile apps with one programming language for both iOS and android operating systems. Flutter makes it easier to develop beautiful and functional apps. As a leading mobile application development company in Dubai, we have been successfully creating mobile apps using flutter for clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and around the world. Our every mobile app developer in Dubai works actively as part of our expert team who can build apps that come with the potential to generate more revenue, ensuring a pleasant user experience for smartphone users.

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