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Located in the Pacific Time Zone (PT), the area code 323 aligns with major cities like Los Angeles. It also observes Daylight Saving Time, shifting an hour ahead during the warmer months. Being time zone aware ensures you’re respectful of clients’ and partners’ schedules, facilitating timely interactions and avoiding mishaps in planning across national and international borders. For businesses, this knowledge is key to maintaining professional relationships and optimizing operations.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 323 area code

Local numbers $ – $1

Local minutes $ – $0.04

Local Vanity Number $ – yes

Local numbers $ – $20

Local minutes $ – Unlimited

Local Vanity Number $ – yes

Local numbers $ – $5

Local minutes $ – Unlimited

Local Vanity Number $ – yes

Local numbers $ – $1.50

Local minutes $ – $0.04

Local Vanity Number $ – yes

Local numbers $ – $3

Local minutes $ – $0.05

Local Vanity Number $ – no

What time zone is area code 323?

  • State – California
  • Major City – Los Angeles
  • Timezone – Pacific

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes – Carrier

37% – Pacific Bell

4% – Mci Worldcom, CA

3% – Mpower

3% – Xo

2% – Teleport Group – Los Angeles

2% – Pac – West Telecomm

2% – Us Telepacific

20% – Other


Prefixes Carrier

7% – Sprint

5% – Verizon Wireless

5% – Cingular

3% – T-mobile

2% – Metropcs Networks

1% – Usa Mobility Wireless

1% – American Messaging Services

2% – Other

Area Code History – Where Does a 323 Area Code Originate

The 323 area code is a story of growth and adaptation in the bustling telecommunications scene of Los Angeles, California. Incepted on June 13, 1998, this area code was birthed as a result of the split from the original 213 area code, which had been serving the region since 1947. The 213 had become synonymous with the City of Angels, but as the city flourished, the number of phone lines needed swelled exponentially. The infusion of the 323 area code allowed for a greater supply of numbers, vital for both individuals and the burgeoning business environment. It now serves central Los Angeles and some of its immediate surroundings, excluding Downtown. As technology and population continue to evolve, so does the demand for new numbers, with the 323 area code standing as a testament to the dynamic nature of Los Angeles’s telecommunications journey.

How it works

The 323 area code serves central Los Angeles, operating within the North American Numbering Plan. Local calls within the same area code require just the 7-digit number. For calls to 323 from another area code, dial 1, followed by the 323 area code and the 7-digit number. Internationally, callers use the US country code (+1), then 323, and the local number. Regulatory oversight ensures fair allocation and prevents exhaustion, with the California Public Utilities Commission managing area code provisions, reflecting changes in regional demand and telecommunications advancements.

Why your business needs a 323 phone number

A 323 area code isn’t just a dialing prefix—it’s a strategic asset for businesses targeting the dynamic Los Angeles market. It grants instant local presence, fostering trust and rapport among Angelenos who prefer community businesses. Enhanced customer trust translates to a streamlined communication flow, increasing responsiveness and boosting customer satisfaction. Furthermore, a local area code bolsters your marketing efforts, significantly improving local SEO rankings as search engines favor region-specific businesses, driving organic traffic and increasing visibility. Leverage a 323 number to convey commitment to the local community, reinforcing your brand’s familiarity and reliability.


The 323 area code is surrounded by a few notable neighbors, each serving distinct regions within the California telecommunications landscape. Area code 213 is its central counterpart, enveloping downtown Los Angeles, a vital hub for commerce and industry. To the south, area code 310 covers coastal communities including Santa Monica, offering businesses a prestigious local presence. The San Fernando Valley to the north is home to area code 818, a diverse economic area, ripe for establishing local business connections. Meanwhile, the 626 area code serves the San Gabriel Valley east of Los Angeles, an area known for its growing small and medium-sized business sector. Each of these codes provides not just a set of digits but a geographically targeted tool for businesses to forge strong local ties in their respective communities.


How do I get a 323 phone number?

Securing a phone number with the 323 area code is a straightforward process. You can select a number through a phone carrier or opt for a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider. When choosing a number, consider the local Public Utilities Commission (PUC) regulations that require a valid address within the area code’s geographic boundary. Traditional carriers might require proof of local residency or business presence. VoIP services often have a more flexible approach, making it easier to obtain a 323 number even for non-locals aiming to establish a local business presence in central Los Angeles. Always check with providers for the most current rules and availability.

Are all 323 area codes available?

Securing a 323 area code—a nod to Los Angeles’ bustling core—can be a competitive endeavor due to its popularity and limited supply. To check availability, contact your phone service provider, who can navigate the current inventory and allocation policies on your behalf. Should the 323 numbers be scarce, consider nearby alternatives like 213 or the newer 424, which still provide that vital LA connection many businesses desire. These options ensure your presence in the local market, keeping you connected with the vibrant Los Angeles community.

While choosing the specific area code can impact many types of marketing strategies, it is crucial for pay-per-call campaigns targeting local users.

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