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Digital Marketing to Drive Business Growth

Digital Marketing is an essential ingredient for success for businesses in today’s world. The pace at which digital marketing evolves makes it difficult for many businesses to:

  • Understand the latest opportunities on offer
  • Know which opportunities are most relevant for the company
  • Determine the best way to execute and measure success

Our role is simple. We’re here to help you understand the best opportunities available to you and to help you execute campaigns that are aligned to the success of your business.

Digital Marketing should always be performance-based activity. Delivering results is our primary objective for all client engagements.

Online marketing provides businesses with several channels to reach and connect with their audience, generating leads and advocates alike. It can greatly affect your brand’s perception, be a vehicle for generating sales and a source of affordable advertising.

Influencer Marketing Services We Provide


Influencer management

Influencer campaign

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Influencer Marketing Agency in Dubai

Influencer marketing is a child of the modern digital age. The widespread acceptance of digital and mobile technologies gave a platform for creatives from across the world to express themselves and build an audience over the internet.

GMI is a leading influencer marketing company in Dubai that connects your brand with social media influencers to promote maximum reach. We believe that a brand is not what we tell people it is, but what people tell each other it is. Our experienced team of digital marketers help you discover and collaborate with popular creators who can boost your brand image.

We are a top influencer management agency that makes sure your brand benefits from more customer attention, engagement and growth. Our experts will create and execute influencer marketing strategies to amplify your brand values across different channels. We have helped many brands reach millions of people through influencer marketing.

GMI offers top-quality influencer marketing services in UAE to help your brand engage audiences from across the world. We have a dedicated group of professionals to bring your brand’s story to life and make powerful connections. We are a creative agency that can engage your target audience through unique influencer campaigns.

Email Marketing Services

Need Email Marketing for Lead Generation and Sales? We can help

Today, many believe email marketing to be a small part of marketing when compared to the advanced ways in which we engage with users on the internet today. However, the number of email users throughout the globe continues to grow with email users reaching 2.9 billion in 2020. Email marketing is more relevant now than ever before thanks to lead data, automation and personalisation. 

In the digital age, we have more access to data than we ever thought possible and because of this, we are able to fully understand our prospective clients, leads and current clients, and use this information to tailor email campaigns to suit their specific needs requirements. With this information available, you are able to build relationships with leads, customers and past customers through personalised email automation, and you are also able to reach them at the right time. If you reach your prospect or client with the right message at the right time through email marketing – you are sure to make more sales and have greater customer acquisition.

Email Marketing

The Importance of Email Marketing

With advanced personalisation, automation and highly targeted email campaigns, email marketing is on the rise once more. Not only is email marketing a great tool for brand awareness, it is a powerful tactic for lead generation and lead nurturing.  It is by understanding data, monitoring and tracking campaigns, and understanding the buyers journey, that we are now able to create email campaigns that convert leads into loyal customers.

Top Email Marketing Tips for Businesses

  • Customer Relationship Management: With the introduction of Customer Relationship Management software such as HubSpot, email automation, personalisation and segmentation has become even easier to implement, and through CRM platforms businesses are now able to measure and track the success of each campaign – all of which allows for greater lead generation, conversion and customer retention. 
  • Personalisation: Your email open rate will increase when you send out emails that come from a real person. This is because recipients are more likely to believe in and trust an email from an individual’s personal work address as opposed to an email sent out from a generic work address. It is also important that you address the individual you are contacting with their real name and not a generic greeting. This will draw the eye of the reader and keep them interested for longer – and build trust. 
  • Clear and Compelling Subject Lines: You are competing with hundreds of emails in your recipients inbox and because of this, you need to stand out from the crowd.  To do this, you need to create subject lines that are interesting, easy to digest, and drive the user to click through to the mail. 
  • Concise Messaging: Keep your email short, easy to read and to the point. No one wants to scroll through a long email. We are consumers of the digital age and we want our information as quickly as possible! 
  • Strong Call-to-Action: Identify the purpose of your email and make sure the reader understands what action they need to take. Whatever the purpose of your email, be it downloading an e-book or claiming a discount, you need to make sure that your recipient knows how to initiate the action. 
  • Track and Measure all Campaigns: What works for one audience, may not work for another and this is why it is important that you check your email open rates and click-through rates. This helps you understand the consumer in greater detail and helps you create the most successful segmented campaigns. 

What we can do for you

At Nexa we believe and understand the power of email marketing and know how to reach your desired audience, with the right message, at the right time.  We have both the experience and track record to help businesses in all industries generate highly qualified sales leads through the power of email marketing. 

Key Email Marketing Services

  • Platform selection and Setup
  • HubSpot Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing Template Design
  • Email Marketing Content Creation
  • Email Marketing – Transmission & Reporting


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#1 Results Driven SEO Company

iOnline has been delivering superior visibility for websites in Google. You would know that Google is UAE’s top search engine with 97%+ usage.

GMI’s Search Engine Optimisation services have brought greater sales with ROI improvements for businesses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the rest of the UAE, as well as the Middle East.

For any business aiming to increase its online presence, the decision to optimise its website for search engines should be the foremost. As per the latest figures, 44% of consumers research a product or service on search engines before considering a purchase. Out of these, 79% click only on organic search results.

If you are looking for a company with expertise & specialization in SEO in Dubai, you have reached the right place. With 25+ SEO specialists, we can offer you a highly customised SEO strategy formed with keen marketing, business and content expertise, which when combined with our team’s deep technical SEO knowledge can help you achieve your desired outcome. We help businesses gain top positions in organic search results, for queries that result in your websites throughout the opportunities available in the conversion journey. With the usage of ethical and white hat methods, your website’s top positions in SERP (Search Engine Results Position) become sustainable over a longer period.

Email Marketing

About iOnline SEO

More than 10 years
Premier SEO Agency in Dubai

We started way back in 2013 with a mission to help our clients to bring substantial online growth. We are the No1 SEO company in Dubai delivering exceptional organic results for our clients in UAE, the Middle East, and Globally. We provide unique SEO strategy and fastest result out of any SEO agency Dubai, or the UAE, can provide.

Our highly experienced SEO and PPC experts help you in finding your target audience, measure the interest in your products & services, and finally benefit from all that. As a Trusted SEO company Dubai, we follow purely in White Hat SEO.

Why Choose iOnline? Best SEO Dubai Agency

We have been in the SEO industry for over ten years, we are a Google Partnered Agency and certified by all major other online marketing platforms. We have managed hundreds of SEO, PPC and Paid Social campaigns in the middle east region. We are committed to providing you with your best possible organic results.

TopOnSEO is a bespoke SEO Dubai agency that helps UAE businesses grow with white-hat SEO. If your company website needs to drive more traffic, generate more leads, increase conversion, TopOnSEO have the perfect strategy for you.

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We are the only SEO Agency in Dubai provide unique SEO services and results.


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As a one of the leading SEO companies Dubai, we offer page1 ranking and top placements.


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With 20 plus team located in UAE, UK, USA and India we offer a quality, results driven SEO services.


White Hat SEO

Using only white-hat ethical SEO practices recommended by major search Engines.


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10+ Years in SEO

10+ years in the Middle East SEO and Digital Marketing Industry. 200+ Plus SEO Projects Executed.

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Getting the most from your PPC management takes years of experience and an extreme data analysis approach. We have worked with some of the Dubai’s most well-known brands and consistently delivered outstanding results.


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